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Working Together


Following the Poutama, we work closely with the Responsible Trustees to communicate progress leading up to and during construction. Once the orchard is established, each year we will share the orchards annual business plan and quarterly reports, along with any other useful information to help build knowledge and understanding. Overtime we will work with the Responsible Trustees to ensure the Trust is ready for handover of the orchard business to them. As each Trust is different, the support needed will be discussed and agreed with each Trust. 

Development Partners

In the kiwifruit space, we work with highly regarded Southern Cross Horticulture (SCH). SCH is a family-owned, values based operation that’s been planting, growing and exporting kiwifruit for more than 40 years. Today, SCH is one of New Zealand’s most successful orchard developers and producers. SCH was selected to work with Huakiwi using a competitive Request For Proposal process in 2015. The quality of their work, the way they live their values and the harvest results they achieve every year – sets them a world apart from other orchard construction and management companies.

SCH put a lot of emphasis into building up the natural goodness in the soil to grow strong and healthy plants. Pests and diseases prey on weak plants, so by focusing on growing natural strength and resilience in the plants, SCH aim to use less sprays. They follow industry best practice when caring for all aspects of the orchards and those who work there. 

Most commonly asked questions

Q: How do I get my block to be considered for an orchard?

A: Simply contact Paul at [email protected], or 0274 537222, and either he or one of his team will be happy to discuss where in the investment cycle Huakiwi is, and how / when we can start discussions.


Q: Is my land suitable for an orchard?

A: This will depend on a number of factors including the size, location, elevation, orientation, soil type of your block, and access to water. The only way of being certain is for one of our horticultural consultants to visit - which we would be happy to arrange.


Q: What variety of Kiwifruit do you plant?

A: It varies depending on the block. G3 licenses can also be hard to get and expensive, so there are a number of factors to consider.


Q: What other crops do you plant?

A: We are currently looking at potential investments in avocados, berries and apples.


Q: Will you consider land that is not Māori Freehold Land?

A: No, Huakiwi is focused only on developing high performing whānau enterprises on Māori Freehold land.


Q: How many more developments will you do?

A: There is no fixed number of orchards. There are other investors wanting to participate, and provided they share the same values – this will extend the programme.


Q: What areas will you develop orchards in?

A: Huakiwi is not bound by any geographical boundaries, and will consider investing wherever there is Māori Freehold land that is suited to a high-performing orchard and industry support.


Q: Can I speak to a Trust that is in a development with Huakiwi?

A: Absolutely. At the appropriate time we can introduce you to one of the Trustees on another block we are working with.