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Haere mai

Huakiwi creates whānau opportunities, on their whenua

Since 2017 Huakiwi has invested in developing high performing whānau enterprises on Māori Freehold Land.

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E tipu - Build



Huakiwi provides 100% of the finance and expertise required to locate and secure water, buy licenses, and get the kiwifruit orchard up and running. Landowners aren’t required to provide any capital contribution, and will receive an annual lease income from Huakiwi. Effectively Huakiwi bears 100% of the risk of establishing and running the orchard.

E rea - Operate




He waka eke noa is our approach - acting as a collective, working in unity and leaving no one behind. While the orchard is operating Huakiwi will help whānau develop the skills so that when the time comes they are confident to run and govern the business - on the ground, on the books, and in the boardroom.  Land owners can rest assured that if the industry suffers a downturn, or the orchard does not perform as expected, Huakiwi covers all costs and continues to operate the orchard until such time as costs are recovered and the orchard is profitable.

Kia puawai - Transfer



Our goal is to be able to transfer ownership of the orchard to the Trust as soon as possible. The exact timeframe will depend on the performance of the orchard, and the domestic and international prices for the fruit. However, the goal is approximately 15-17 years. At that time the Trust will 100% own and managed the orchards, its infrastructure, and profits.

Working Together

In 2015 the investors in Huakiwi piloted  a unique owner engagement model, and investment approach on two new kiwifruit developments - in Omaio and on Matakana Island. Both developments yielded invaluable learnings, and the orchards (as well as the underlying relationships) are thriving.

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