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Purpose & Values

Huakiwi creates whānau opportunities, on their whenua

Since 2017 Huakiwi has invested in developing high performing whānau enterprises on Māori Freehold land. 

To date 8 new kiwifruit orchards have been created, and Huakiwi’s intention is to continue to further grow its horticulture investment portfolio, using an innovative investment model designed to unlock productive land and benefit its Māori landowners.

Huakiwi orchards are built and managed so they can be handed to Māori Freehold land owners (at no cost) as fully operational high performing businesses. When this occurs, the benefits to whānau will be life changing. Instead of just receiving a lease income for their whenua - the Trusts involved will be in complete control and ownership of a business on their whenua, and be able to consider:  

  • Paying substantial dividends to owners.
  • Establishing scholarships and kaumātua grants for whānau.
  • Creating papakāinga (community housing).
  • Establishing Ngā Whenua Rāhui on the whenua.
  • Expanding their kiwifruit orchard / change cultivars.
  • Purchasing Zespri shares / other shares.
  • Diversifying into other industries / businesses or land uses.

Māori land is taonga tuku iho, a treasure handed down

Our unique investment model ensures that the whenua is protected and sustained for generations to come.

Access to capital and resources have always been a challenge for Māori land development, and landowners are often  understandably reluctant to use the whenua as security for a loan. So Huakiwi developed an investment model that works first and foremost for owners. For example:

  • At no time will landowners be required to take on a loan, or need to offer any security or guarantees.
  • Immediate employment opportunities are created for whānau.
  • Owners are trained in governance, and the running of the orchard - so they are ready to take control.
  • The whenua is respected and cared for.

Ko te pono hei arahi - Values are everything

We are a value-based investment company, and at all times and in all interactions with landowners, suppliers, contractors and staff we live our core values of:

  • Te Mana, Integrity - we are honest and upfront in all matters.
  • Te Pāhekoheko, Relationships - we believe in building relationships that last.
  • Te Whakaneinei, Proactivity - we anticipate issues and opportunities.
  • Te Kounga, Excellence - we only create high performing enterprises.
  • Te Poipoi, Sustainability – we work to protect and enrich all resources on and within the whenua.